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3 Awesome Benefits of Sidewalk Chalk

I remember the hours and hours of fun my siblings and I had playing outside and making up our own games with whatever we could find.  Our screen time was very restricted.  Mostly because the broadcasters did not have enough content to show 24/7. 

I like to think that my fond memories are more than just a rosy nostalgia.  So I had a think about why playing outside is actually good for kids.  Of course, creative play in general and learning through play are two things I believe in quite strongly.  The world needs more artists! 

I recently launched the Tamba sidewalk chalk collection, after months and months of research and (even more months of trial and error), as a way to hopefully encourage kids to spend more time outdoors and away from tiny screens. 

Sidewalk chalk is a terrific learning tool that allows for hours of learning through play. Children get to build vital academic and motor skills while having fun.

Interactive Learning

While playing with sidewalk chalk, kids develop colour recognition, sorting and matching skills. The chalk can also be used to teach children shapes, numbers and letters.  A great exercise is to have your child copy letters and numbers you draw or even trace their bodies and help them name and identify the different parts like such as their head, foot, hand, arm, and leg.  They can even try different poses.

Fine Motor Skill Development

Playing with sidewalk chalk can be one of your child’s earliest experiences with colouring and writing. It helps them learn the appropriate pencil grip as well as develop fine motor control and manipulation.

Encourage younger children to learn to write their name, while older kids can make elaborate designs such as race tracks and treasure maps.

Foster a Love of Art

The world of art offers so many amazing benefits for children. By allowing them to colour and create their own designs with sidewalk chalk, they begin to express themselves in their own creative way.

The other upside?  Fresh air and vitamin D.  Even in te city where many kids do not have access to much in terms of green space, they can still enjoy being outside by using paved surfaces to create their own imaginative spaces.

 Shop the collection here.

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