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5 Clever Bath Toy Storage Ideas

Children love bath toys, and I am obviously an advocate for finding creative and fun ways to keep kids occupied while you go about the business of keeping them clean! But when the splishing and splashing, and squeaking and squeezing is over, you’re usually left with a floating sea of toys, crayons and all manner of other distractions that need somewhere to go so big people can also use the tub.  

Another key thing is that those toys need to dry out properly so they don't become slimy and mouldy. I'll talk more about good bath toy hygiene in another post...

Lucky for you, there are some really good (and stylish) products and ideas for keeping bath toys organised, clean and tidy.  So your magazine worthy bathroom design vision can co-exist with the practicality of parenting.  

Check out some of my faves from around the web:

1. Kid's Expandable Bath Caddy

This is a wonderful storage option that is flexible and allows the kids to help with tidying up before they hop out of the water.  Lots of space and compartments to store bath products as well.


Available at Reliable Store


2. Floor Baskets

If you have an unused or awkward corner in your bathroom these baskets might work well to fill the gap ad also hide all the toys from sight.  Since the basket is made of natural materials, it may be a good idea to line the basket with an old towel to catch any water from dripping toys and keep the basket itself dry. 


Available at Basketly


3.  Overdoor or Towel Rail Hanging Baskets

Overdoor storage frees up other surfaces if you have a smaller bathroom.  I also quite like using these on a towel rail which is closer to the tub for easier access to that favourite squishy or bubble bath.  These also keep toys out of reach for little ones when it's not actually bath time so toys don't wander to other rooms in the house.


Available at Builders


Available at RUNAAKO


4.  Bathroom Trolleys

Trolleys are so versatile.  They can be wheeled out of sight when not needed ad make cleaning a breeze.  They can also be used for other bathroom essentials.  Make sure to choose options that will allow for airflow so water doesn't pool and toys can dry completely between uses.


Available at Takealot


Available at Builders


5. Super Scoop Bath Toy Organiser

Munchkin Super Scoop Bath Toy Organiser

This 2 in one scoop and basket is such a time saver.  It also comes with a nifty hook so you can keep it close at hand.

Available at BabiesAfrica


Bonus Idea: Hanging Veggie Basket for Shower Rail

This option is a little bit of outside of the box thinking.  If you have a shower-over -bath with a rail for your shower curtain then this is a really cool option.  

Three-Tier Hanging Wire

Available at Wish

How do you keep your bathroom organised?  Do share any other good ideas with me in the comments.

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